The spring real estate market is usually characterized by its buoyant activity. This year things are off to a different start. We are currently living through a pandemic and trying to navigate these new found murky waters as best we can. For most of us this is probably not the time to start thinking of selling or buying a home. You might even be asking yourself how it’s possible to engage in any real estate activities right now. The answer is that it’s definitely possible and we’re here to show you how. Our team has put together the following video answering some of the burning real estate questions that we’ve recently been asked about.
It’s important to note that the need for real estate hasn’t changed, even in these crazy circumstances. There are still people that have to sell their homes because they already bought something else, have a new construction property coming up for completion or simply have made a decision to sell and rent for the time being. As well there are buyers out there that sold their current home and need a new one or perhaps just want to take advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Whatever their reasons may be, there are still people that have to make a move this spring and my team and I are here to help. Technology has become the saving grace for real estate transactions during these times so we’re embracing the changes and moving forward. At Lina & Team we’ve always been technologically savvy and striven to utilize the best tools of the trade for our clients so we’re adapting to this quickly changing environment to ensure that our clients can still realize their dreams. Above all else your health and safety are of utmost importance to us and we are here to help guide you through these times. Take care of yourselves and we will all get through this together.

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