I hired Lina to sell my rental townhouse in Aurora this August. It was a tough market. A lot of buyers’ purchase power has been lowered greatly by the new mortgage rule change. I understand the listing agent’s ability to sell is extremely important in such tough market! That’s why I hired Lina in the first place. Once my property got listed Lina did not sit and wait. She put a lot of efforts to advertise my townhouse in all the channels including social medias. She felt urgency for her client. She held open house every weekend to attract potential buyers. Most agents would just have open houses for the first two weeks. What Lina did for my townhouse was exceptional hard work compared with her peers! After each open house Lina updated me with all the showings for the week to bring me up-to-date.
Lina has the most comprehensive understanding of the local market. She was realistic, she adjusted fast to the rapid change of market conditions. After two price changes, Lina’s strategy and hard work paid off. She got us a real buyer. Wow, that’s a great achievement! The story was not over yet. The buyer’s home inspector found a little crack on the basement wall. It’s a new townhouse under warranty. The little crack was completely normal and wouldn’t cause any real issue. But the home inspector made it a big story for the buyer who was new to this country. The buyer got misled to believe it had to be fixed in an expensive way and they wanted me to fix it before closing. I hesitated because I knew it’s a non-issue which wasn’t worth spending so much to fix. I wanted to quit from this deal. At this point Lina stepped up to work together with the buyer’s agent to remove the buyer’s concern. After several back and forth, soon she worked out a compromised plan. The buyer agreed to make the sales firm after accepting a small compensation from Lina and the buyer’s agent. So it was at no cost to me. Yes, Lina put a little bit of her own commission money to make all parties come back to the original deal again. Now thinking back she is strategically correct! I think all 4 parties ended up happy! In summary, Lina is highly knowledgeable, extremely skillful, exceptionally hard working! She is a rare to find listing agent. I highly recommend her!
Wei Luo

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